Crypto 100 Index

Crypto 100 Index is composed of 100 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. By creating an index with 100 components we aim to represent the movement of the broader market and at the same time create a benchmark, i.e. a reference point, that we could measure investment performance, volatility, etc. against.

At the same time we have created a Market Return parameter which is derived from the return from the Crypto 100 Market Index that we can use for analytical values calculation.

Rebalancing of the index is currently done every two weeks, when we check if there's a change in composition of the 100 largest Market Capitalization crypto currencies; if there is, we change the components to reflect that by selecting the "new largest 100".

If any of components go missing between the two rebalancing periods, lasting two weeks, either for the reason of missing data or currency disappearing for any reason, it is replaced by the 101st member of the previously selected Market Capitalization currency from the list. The same would happen for any additional changes with replacement by further 102nd, etc.